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Youtube Revanced Extended
Youtube Revanced Extended

Youtube Revanced Extended APK 18.39.41 (Manager + MicroG)

Oct 20, 2023

YouTube Revanced Extended APK is an enhanced Android app for video streaming, offering features like ad-blocking.

Name Youtube Revanced Extended
Updated 2023-10-20
Compatible with 5.1 And Up
Last version 18.39.41
Size 149 MB
MOD Manager + MicroG
Category Video Players & Editors
Developer inotia00
Price Free
Google Play Link

YouTube Revanced Extended APK is the game changer in video streaming on Android. Imagine an enhanced, user-friendly YouTube, but supercharged with features for a seamless and customized viewer experience. It’s the revamp you didn’t know you needed.

Youtube Revanced Extended APK

Key Features of Youtube Revanced Extended


Hate those pesky ads that pop up right in the middle of your favorite videos? Enter SponsorBlock. It's like your fast forward button but on steroids. It zaps sponsor content, intros, outros, and those pesky reminders to subscribe. You get to watch your videos, no interruptions, just smooth sailing.

Old Layout Option

The new YouTube layout not your cup of tea? No stress. YouTube Revanced Extended got you. Toggle on the old layout option, and voila, you’re back on familiar grounds. It’s like stepping back into your comfy old shoes, easy and familiar.

Shorts Component Control

Shorts everywhere and you just want out? YouTube Revanced Extended hears you. Take control, hide the shorts button, the shorts shelf, comments, the whole nine yards. Or bring ‘em back with a click. Your YouTube, your rules.

Return of Dislike Count

Remember the good ol’ days of the visible dislike count? They’re back. Return YouTube Dislike is your window to transparent viewer feedback. Every thumbs down, out there in the open. No guessing games, just raw, unfiltered opinions.

No Ads

Ad pop-ups killing your vibe? YouTube Revanced Extended swats them away like flies. Watch your videos, playlists, all of it – ad-free. It’s a clean, uninterrupted stream of content. Just you and your videos, chilling with no ads in sight.

Download Feature

Eyeing that awesome 4K video? Download it. You’ve got the power to pull videos up to 4K 60 FPS right into your device. You'll need PowerTube, NewPipe, or Seal to make the magic happen, but hey, it’s a small price for on-the-go awesomeness.

Whitelist Option

Got a soft spot for some channels and feel like supporting them? Whitelist them. Let their ads and sponsor content roll. It’s a cool way to show some love and keep those quality videos coming. And if you change your mind, one click, and it’s adios ads.

Swipe Controls

Control freaks, rejoice. Swipe controls are here. Slide your fingers, tweak the brightness, mess with the volume. It’s all in your hands, quite literally. User control just took a front seat, and it feels good.

Youtube Revanced Extended APK

Youtube Revanced Extended Manager APK

Need an assistant to manage your Youtube Revanced Extended experience? Look no further. Youtube Revanced Extended Menager APK is the silent hero that makes the installation a breeze and keeps your app running smooth. It's the behind-the-scenes wizard that works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. No discrimination, just pure, unadulterated efficiency.

Youtube Revanced MicroG APK

And for those who love their YouTube personalized, Youtube Revanced MicroG APK is the golden ticket. Log in to your Google account, and like magic, your subscriptions, history, and playlists are all at your fingertips. It’s not just about watching videos; it’s about making the whole universe of YouTube bend to your whims and fancies.

YT Music Revanced Extended APK

Music lovers, assemble! YT Music Revanced Extended APK is like the VIP backstage pass to your own music festival. Imagine every tune, every beat, every rhythm, tailored and delivered for a music streaming experience that’s as personal as your playlist. It’s your music, your way, no compromises.

Youtube Revanced Extended APK

Comparison: Youtube Revanced vs Youtube Revanced Extended

Youtube Revanced vs Youtube Revanced Extended is akin to a classic duel, each wielding its unique strengths. The former is your reliable, tried, and tested warrior, boasting stability and a broader device compatibility. The Extended version? That’s your flashy, feature-rich maverick. It’s got the bells and whistles, the extras that make YouTube a personal playground.

How to Access the Latest Features

Staying updated is a no-brainer with Youtube Revanced Extended update latest version. It’s your one-stop-shop to unlock the freshest features and optimizations. Think of it as your golden ticket to a world where content consumption is always a step ahead, always evolving, always catering to the viewer who wants more.

Youtube Revanced Extended APK


YouTube Revanced Extended is a revelation, transforming the mundane into an extraordinary, customized viewing odyssey. A playground of features awaits, from ad-blocking to enhanced controls, each crafted for the discerning viewer. Upgrade to the latest version and step into a world where content, convenience, and control converge. Your enhanced YouTube experience is just a click away.

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