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Z-Link APK 5.4.12 (Carplay)

Feb 18, 2023

ZLink App for Android Auto is an app that connects, controls car screens with smartphones.

Name Z-Link
Updated 2023-02-18
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 5.4.12
Size 20 MB
MOD Carplay
Category Tools
Developer Z-Link
Price Free
Google Play Link

ZLink App for Android Auto - Connect phone car driver it's easy

ZLink App for Android Auto is the app that will help you make driving cars more convenient. You will turn your smartphone into a useful tool on your car. Experience a lot of special and useful features that make it easy to control the car. To find out more, please read the article below.

Information you need to know about ZLink App for Android Auto

ZLink Apple Carplay APK is an application used to connect to the control screen on cars. Users only need to use Bluetooth or USB port to be able to connect to be used immediately. Previously, the problem of both driving and using the phone to solve the task was very inconvenient and could pose a danger to the driver. Since this app appears you don't need to worry anymore, experience touch right on the Big control screen and perform easy operation. The diverse application allows you to connect your device to Android and iOS operating systems. Therefore, you can immediately use your smartphone so that it supports you to make traffic smoothly on any journey.

Z-Link APK

The attractions that this app brings

ZLink5 APK integrates the development of modern technology and artificial intelligence to support the driver. This app makes the driver's work softer, easier and the trips are also safer. When you connect the phone, the interface will also be synchronized the same to help users to use the most familiar. Users will be able to use a lot of special features right on the control screen. For example, a map of directions, a voice receiver, a phone call and an emergency message response, it is convenient to watch a video or listen to music. These elements are all done by voice control or one touch so as not to affect the user's ability to concentrate while controlling traffic on multiple routes. The application will always update the latest features to optimize more utilities to support users comfortable driving for hours continuously.

The main features of the application ZLink update latest version

Smart navigation map

ZLink App for Android Auto will provide users with maps covering all the routes of your country. Where the user goes the map will be moved to the right point. Every time you drive to new places where you do not know the route, this application will help you to navigate the right place to go as well as guide each road you will go through. This function is very smart to help you avoid lost problems. When participating in traffic, there will be alarm signals in congested roads inside the inner city. You can choose another route to make it easier.

Quick response with voice recognition tool

ZLink wechat mini app allows you to use your voice to order the execution of the activities you want to take place. Users can apply it for accepting incoming calls, replying to messages using voice recording, map control, or to open up a browser. This is a new modern technology tool integrated into bring convenience to you while driving, avoiding a lot of traffic risks.

The interface is almost like a phone, many entertainment applications

ZLink wireless Android Auto opens up to users who can use it as a regular phone. In addition to the outstanding features, it also allows users to entertain with a lot of applications linked from the phone. Such as music, watching videos, listening to news, etc. In short, the application has the desire to give users a perfect car screen driver.

Practical experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of app

Practical experience of this application

A very useful application for me. Since I often have a lot of work to solve urgently, but driving is very inconvenient to answer. From the moment you get to know this app and use it, things get easier. I use voice recognition to receive incoming calls, respond to text messages from people. The directions map in this application is very detailed and if the roads are crowded with traffic it will notify the right signal for you to change the direction of running. The app is very smart and has supported me with a lot of different issues.


  • Driving is more convenient than ever
  • Use voice to control various gadgets
  • Detailed and accurate navigation map


  • Need to stay connected to use the app throughout the driving journey
  • Meet configuration compatible with control device


FAQs about ZLink Carplay APK download

Download this app at is it safe?

You take the action to download this app from the website is very safe and reliable. This app has been tested and there are a lot of users downloaded to assist them in the driving process, there have not been any unfortunate incidents. So trust and install to use it now.

How to download an app?

This ZLink APK download is very simple, users just need to notice in the Information section at the top of the article that provides a link. Click there to open the app download window. The rest you just need to follow the instructions to successfully install and then connect to use.

Configure requests to run the app

The application offers a recommendation that users need to equip a smartphone with a configuration of 5.0 and above to be compatible with it.

Is the app free and helpful for users?

Yes, this app is allowed to be used for free. The application helps you to control cars that are more convenient and solve urgent problems for you.

Free Download Z-Link APK (Apple Carplay, Android Auto) Latest Version

ZLink App for Android Auto is a tool connected to the control screen of the car that makes it more convenient for the driver. When using the app, you will be more focused on driving, always making sure to be safe and in the right direction you want to go. ZLink download latest version 2023 right at the website let it become an assistant as well as accompany you while driving.

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