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Zombie Waves
Zombie Waves

Zombie Waves Mod APK 1.2.5 (Free Purchase, Unlimited Energy)

May 13, 2023

Zombie Waves Mod APK is an action shooting game where your mission is to protect the world from a zombie outbreak and find the cause of that rise. Download now!

Name Zombie Waves 3D
Updated 2019-09-27
Compatible with 4.1 and up
Last version 1.2.5
Size 199 MB
MOD Free Purchase, Unlimited Energy
Category Action
Developer MACHINGA
Price Free
Google Play Link

Zombie Waves Mod APK - Zombie killing game to save the world

If you are passionate about action games, we would like to introduce to you the hottest hit game today, Zombie Waves Mod APK. Giving players the context of attacking the ghosts will be very interesting and destroy them with their weapons. Will give players the best experience when downloading this application now! In the article below, you will understand more about the features and gameplay to help users have fun to the fullest.

Zombie Waves Mod APK God Mode, Unlimited EXP

About Zombie Waves Mod APK

Zombie Waves Mod APK Unlimited Money and Energy is a classic and extremely attractive action shooter game version. When the user has to confront the zombies are rampant and attack you, so you need to be skillful to be able to destroy them. This game is released by Fun Formula, will promise to bring players the most exciting entertainment moments and combine many challenges that will make players unable to take their eyes off and can be addicted without knowing it. 

When coming to Zombie Waves Mod APK God Mode, Unlimited EXP you will enjoy a bold play style and extremely attractive art. This is a zombie shooter, your task when playing is to strictly protect your base from invading zombies and to overcome the zombie wave with advanced weapons, machines and his own ingenuity.

At the beginning of the game you will be transported to a new world, which is full of zombies. Here you can take advantage of your inherent abilities from perseverance and battle tactics. Each match you will be tested on your fighting ability in challenging and continuous battles to be able to fight the undead that want to attack our base. You need to use weapons that are firepower and frontal defense against the Zombies and be careful or you will be overwhelmed by the large number coming on their own.

Zombie Waves Mod APK Fun Formula will let you experience the weapons from the basics, to make your weapons more powerful, you can upgrade them to be able to own the most advanced arsenal. It will support you to fight with a series of undead following you around that you have to fight. In addition, the goal of sending you is not only the zombies, but you also have to face the boss with great power, so you need to be prepared to bring high class weapons to be able to destroy and win the party.

Download game Zombie Waves Mod APK for Android

Zombie Waves Mod APK gives you the ability to use money without worrying about limits so you can upgrade the weapons you need or allow you to buy special abilities inside the shop. This will be the game that is extremely suitable for you if you think that you have to spend a lot of money to be able to own high-end weapons? In order to ensure the entertainment of users, it has been equipped with a date function when you start your action adventure here.

An extremely interesting game for you that will keep you hooked without taking your eyes off. In this game you have to ensure the lives of the survivors and escape the killers. What you need to do is to find out the secret of this unexpected zombie apocalypse. You are brought into this world to become a hero on a mission to stop the constant resurgence of the ghosts. So here is the time for you to show your ability and decisive courage to stand up against the zombies to regain the right to survival for humanity.

This game is always updated continuously and then the story is also newly developed to give users the best shooting action game of all time. And you need to defeat the zombies that are rising everywhere with your own weapons and abilities. By upgrading weapons and buying more special abilities, you also need to find out where the uprisings are coming from. Because the lives of the people are in your hands, you need to win.

Unique Features of Zombie Waves Mod APK 3.2.9 latest version

This is a very interesting and fun game, attracting many downloads in the first days of its launch. The application sets up a lot of useful features to help improve the gaming quality for users. And here are some special features that you should experience once.

Zombie Waves Mod APK Fun Formula

Extreme fighting

Game with extremely attractive game modes, you have to fight hard to survive and survive in the end. The battle will be long and you have to overcome a lot of tough challenges to become the strongest. You have to face many different zombies and the higher the level, the stronger they will be. You must use all your skills, experience and skillful hands to accurately snipe targets. Assert yourself that you will overcome all and complete the set goals.

Various Weapons

The game is equipped with a variety of light and heavy guns. Firearms such as pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, etc. In it, each type of gun has its own function and power. Initially, you are only provided with a pistol to participate in combat. You have to win many victories to unlock more powerful weapons to increase your fighting chance.

Attractive rewards

The game will expand the reward system to increase the competition for players. Each level passed, you will receive rewards including weapons, costumes, items and many other rewards waiting for you to unlock. The manufacturer always updates more monthly and seasonal rewards so that players can participate often and receive extremely spectacular rewards.

3D graphics, vivid sound

This is a game that has invested a lot in terms of graphics with the hope that players will be able to experience the most authentic way. Graphics are always accompanied by sound. The sound is also included with the thrilling melody and creates vivid and unexpected effects. Both of these factors combine to make more of an impression on users.

The game is a process of simulating the image of zombies and the battle of the players. You can easily search and download game apps from Google Play Store or the fastest Download game Zombie Waves Mod APK for Android game at this site. The game gives you a very real feeling of experience, easy to control and very user friendly.

Zombie Waves Mod APK 3.2.9 latest version


Zombie Waves Mod APK is an action shooting game genre set in an extremely interesting resurgence of ghosts. Bringing users a whole new experience with attractive detailed elements. Download now to have exciting emotions when you have to fight to protect people from killing, have to find out the cause of the uprisings. The world is waiting for you to experience this game right here!

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