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Zooba Mod APK 4.26.0 (All Characters Unlocked, Unlimited Money and Gems)

Nov 24, 2023

Zooba Mod APK is a thrilling zoo-themed fighting game with all characters unlocked and unlimited resources, offering multiple maps.

Name Zooba: Fun Battle Royale Games
Updated 2023-11-08
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 4.26.0
Size 203 MB
MOD All Characters Unlocked, Unlimited Money and Gems
Category Action
Developer Wildlife Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link

Zooba is a fun game where you play as zoo animals fighting each other. Players try to be the last ones standing in the battle. It is creative and funny.

Five Key Features

  • Different Animals: You can play as many types of animals. Each one has special moves. Choose a character like a gorilla, a tiger, or a bird. Find the one with the abilities you like best.

  • Battle Royale: Fight against others in a big open zoo map. Everyone is trying to be the last one left. You need to move, find items, and fight wisely to win.

  • Team Play: You don't have to play alone. Join with friends or match with others online. Play in teams of two or three. It makes the game more fun and you can help each other.

  • Lots of Maps: The game has many maps to explore. Each place looks different and changes how you play. This keeps the game fresh and fun every time you play.

  • Upgrades and Items: As you play, you gather coins and gems. Use these to make your animal stronger and to get new things. It feels good to make your favorite animal look cool and play better.

Best Tips for Zooba

  • Learn the Moves: Spend time with each animal. Learn how they move and fight. This way, you'll know which animal fits your style.

  • Stay Hidden: Use bushes on the map to hide from enemies. It's a good way to surprise them or stay safe when you need to.

  • Gather Items: Look for items like health packs and weapons. They make you stronger and help you fight longer.

  • Stick with Team: If you are playing in teams, don't go too far from your partners. Working together helps a lot.

  • Watch and Learn: When you start, you might not win right away. That's okay. Watch how others play and learn from their moves.

Pros and Cons


  • Free and Fun: Zooba is free to play. It brings a lot of fun with its cartoon animals and battles.

  • Easy to Learn: The game's controls and goal are easy to understand. This makes it good for players of all ages.

  • Different Characters: With many characters to pick from, you can find one that fits how you like to play.

  • Maps and Modes: There are various modes and maps in Zooba. They offer you many ways to enjoy the game.

  • Team Play: You can join with others in team modes which makes it good for playing with friends.


  • Internet Needed: You must have an internet connection to play the game which might not work for everyone.

  • In-Game Buys: While the game is free, there are in-game purchases which might tempt players to spend real money.

  • Updates: The game needs regular updates to stay fun. If your device isn't strong enough, it might get slow.

Alternatives for Zooba

If Zooba isn't your style or you want to try something else, there are other games. Some include "Brawl Stars" and "Fortnite". These games also let you fight for victory in fun and creative settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zooba okay for children? 

Yes, due to its cartoon style and playful setting, it's suitable for kids.

Can I play Zooba on my phone? 

Zooba works on phones with Android 6.0 or higher.

Do I need to pay to win? 

No, you can play and win without spending money. However, buying items can make the game easier.

Is Zooba a long game? 

No, each match is short. This makes it easy to play when you have little time.

How do I get new characters? 

You can get new characters by playing and unlocking them or by buying them with coins.


Zooba is an amusing battle game that's great for relaxing and having fun. Whether you like fighting alone or with friends, you will enjoy it.

Free Download Zooba Mod APK (Unlimited Money and Gems, Free Skills, Unlocked All Characters) Latest Version for Android

Ready to join the zoo battle? Get Zooba today for some wild action. Download it safe and free from Have fun playing with animals and winning battles!

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