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zzOdessa APK 0.10.1 (Android Game)

Adam Seo Mar 09, 2023

zzOdessa APK is a new game project of Electronic Art but it quickly died. However, this game still contains mysteries that you need to know.

Name Battlefield Mobile
Updated 2023-01-27
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 0.10.1
Size 1 GB
MOD Android Game
Category Action
Price Free
Google Play Link

Overview of zzOdessa APK: what's new in this FPS shooter game?

Are you a fan of the FPS Battlefield series? You have not had the opportunity to experience the game Battlefield Mobile and it quickly died? zzOdessa APK, the Indian version of the game similar to it, will be the perfect choice for you. This article will help you synthesize interesting information about zzOdessa aka Battlefield Mobile. You should not ignore it.

zzOdessa APK

What is zzOdessa APK?

Many players enjoy first-person shooter series, such as Battlefield or zzOdessa APK. The game was developed to bring typical Battlefield action to mobile platforms, therefore there will be a wide range of motorized vehicles and a sizable terrain for players to explore.

We'll see the enormous destruction that has become a trademark of the Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 series because the gameplay is based on those games. It is extremely dissimilar to earlier Battlefield Mobile iterations that prioritized infantry, such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS or Battlefield 3: Aftershock. 

This is a smart decision considering how poorly received and quickly forgotten both of these games are among gamers.

The game's tempo is generally thought to be quite slow. The amount of respawn tickets has been drastically decreased to make matches fit the mobile platform. This is quite a hurdle for the developer because fans of the Battlefield franchise on PC and console are used to a match that can last from 30-45 minutes. 

zzOdessa Game APK

This group of gamers won't enjoy it if the speed is too fast, and new players won't be drawn in if the tempo is too sluggish. Many players claimed that the combat ended too fast while the author was testing the game, leaving them a little unhappy that they did not get to experience the furious and intense battle they had anticipated. We discovered that the game's length is ideal for mobile players who wish to finish it swiftly.

What are the main features of zzOdessa Game APK?

The Battlefield Mobile version has been discontinued by EA. However, zzOdessa quickly replaced this game to reduce the regret of a part of the players.

Classic gameplay

ZZOdessa Battlefield APK's multiplayer, which includes fighting and bombing, is the primary game mode. In Combat mode, two teams of up to 24 players will compete in a match. After a certain amount of time, the team with the most enemy deaths will win. Individuals who are killed will eventually respawn at their base.

There will be two factions in bomber mode: offensive and defensive. Two crucial defense sites, A and B, will be breached by the attackers to set off the ticking time bomb. The burden of defending these 2 powerful spots will fall to the defenders.

Attractive gift with the title of the top shooting

The player's primary goal is to win every game to rack up high-rank positions and collect numerous priceless presents from the publisher. In addition, the game offers other side objectives that give players more targets to aim towards, such as fighting a game and winning two matches in a day.

ZZOdessa Battlefield APK

25 means of transportation

The variety of combat vehicles in the game is also fairly broad, ranging from cars that can pull a second buddy behind them to tanks with incredibly potent defense and damage. The only way to stop the enemy from using the car is to kill the driver or destroy the vehicle. There are 25 cool vehicles to choose from.

Familiar graphics

The visuals in the Battlefield universe will be closely mirrored in the Battlefield Mobile APK. In other words, you will have the chance to encounter recognizable people, weapons, and maps. From then, it aids players in acclimating quickly.

Particularly when the player is involved in a conflict, the game's sound effects are quite excellent. If you are close enough, you will be able to hear the footsteps of the opposition. Players can feel the constant firing, the sound of bullets flying overhead, and the sound of tanks steadily advancing onto the battlefield. Gamers may sense how intense each combat is.

Aiming is not too accurate

One of the aspects of Battlefield 2042 Mobile APK that needs the biggest improvement shortly is the shooting component. You shouldn't need much time to modify the feature's sensitivity and operation. The game's relatively subpar horizontal auto-aim feature occasionally forces players to move the entire character. Many other crucial elements are still missing from the game, such as the inability to hold the ADS button while aiming, which only allows for the toggle option. For instance, the reticle cannot be moved with the gyroscope in the current game.

Battlefield Mobile APK

Battlefield Mobile India Free Download

Join the game, form a squad, and attack on brand-new maps and game modes that are familiar to seasoned gamers in Odessa. 

You can now play zzOdessa on your smartphone. Prepare your team, take the initiative, and engage in console HD quality multiplayer first-person shooter combat, unmatched teamwork, and genre-defining destruction in venerable modes like Rush, Conquest, and Team Deathmatch. To use it, download it as soon as you can.


The shooting game zzOdessa APK has a real BattleField concept and enjoyable, well-known gameplay. Players have the option to fight alongside a squad of teammates. In this game, you can use any sort of rifle as well as super automobiles and tanks

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Naomi Stanley
Informative read about zzOdessa APK, can't wait to try it!
26/09/2023 04:35 | Reply
Lindsay Potter
Loved the overview of zzOdessa, sounds like a fun FPS game.
26/09/2023 04:35 | Reply
Hilda Flores
Great article on zzOdessa APK, it's like Battlefield on mobile!
26/09/2023 04:34 | Reply
Rosemarie Mendoza
Battlefield Mobile replacement: Get zzOdessa now!
26/09/2023 03:29 | Reply
Rosemarie Mendoza
Battlefield Mobile replacement: Get zzOdessa now!
26/09/2023 03:28 | Reply
Yvonne Casey
zzOdessa Game APK - Classic Battlefield action on mobile.
26/09/2023 03:28 | Reply
Elvira Rowe
zzOdessa APK: The mobile FPS game you've been waiting for!
26/09/2023 03:28 | Reply