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A Dance of Fire and Ice
A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice APK 2.5.3 (Paid, Original)

Jun 21, 2023

A Dance of Fire and Ice APK is a music and rhythm game that combines to make the best songs, control the screen, tap the points to get the highest score.

Name A Dance of Fire and Ice
Updated 2023-09-21
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 2.5.3
Size 910 MB
MOD Paid, Original
Category Music
Developer 7th Beat Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

A Dance of Fire and Ice APK - High quality rhythm coordination music games

Do you love music but want to play games? Then come to A Dance of Fire and Ice APK you will enjoy an engaging music game. In addition, you can discover two rows of colorful outer space crystals out there. You will navigate the movement of those two planets with your own hands. With the unique operation and new style of play is enough to satisfy you with this attractive game. The combination of a fascinating adventure journey as the process is continuous. Adventurous challenges will bring you the top notch entertaining game. So we need to use our thinking abilities to solve the mystery here. It will be a pretty fun game that you should experience on mobile devices running the Android platform for free. The article below is important information that you need to refer to for a fun experience!

A Dance of Fire and Ice APK

About Game A Dance of Fire and Ice Android

A Dance of Fire and Ice APK is a vibrant game with rhythmic dances in harmony with music that creates an impressive playground. The game is designed in accordance with mobile and computer platforms. The game does not require too much skill; quick sensitivity and quick reflexes are essential. Players will control the operations corresponding to the music provided from the game to overcome the challenges and complete the round with the highest score.

In A Dance of Fire and Ice APK Original, the main task of the main player is to press the highlighted point on the device screen to a certain rhythm of a song. Players need to be highly focused, accurate in each click and timely reflexes in fast music beats. In particular the points will appear randomly in various forms and you should not let slide any one. If the player does not hit the right or hit the missing moment, the score will be reduced. And if the player's score goes below a certain threshold, the game will be over and the player will have to play again from scratch or choose another game mode.

A Dance of Fire and Ice APK No Mod with many different levels, each level will own a separate song and will have a corresponding score sample board. The player only needs to complete the points on the screen to successfully pass the challenge advancing to the next level. The game level will be distinguished markedly from easy to difficult, and it is expressed through each song differently, the player can feel.

A Dance of Fire and Ice Free Download for Android

A Dance of Fire and Ice APK Paid for Free has many different game modes for players to choose according to their favorites. The game modes include fixed Play mode, solo play mode, double quick play mode. Each game mode will give players a different experience and challenge their skills. This is a game where you can train your musical touch and rhythm coordination skills.

Highlights of A Dance of Fire and Ice APK Android

Starting this game A Dance of Fire and Ice Free Download for Android players will have to navigate two planets of fire and ice together to create a fascinating journey. You must use your abilities to control two orbs moving in the correct direction. Since the situation will be continuous, you must be very careful to handle many unexpected developments so as not to start from scratch. Players need to collect checkpoint to be able to record your process. A great thing about this game is that when you fail during the process, you can immediately play again. A Dance of Fire and Ice APK will have a lot of very difficult challenges that you have to adapt and overcome with your abilities. So you have to quickly complete the challenge to pass the other levels. Let's start the journey and go through the exciting road battles right now!

Different universe

When you come to this game you will be amazed at twenty vast universes for you to experience. Players will discover many different modes in one chapter which are very streamlined for you to choose from. With authentic simulated levels the player has the best feeling when participating in this music game. At the same time, players are immersed in the transformation of the game that is constantly changing, which makes players very interested.

Game A Dance of Fire and Ice Android

New achievements

Players need to use their strategic abilities to be able to complete the levels in each small part of your adventure journey. The game has a very competitive element, so the speed of your play must be fast and skillful. When you have done the levels with the faster time you will get the higher the score. With that score is demonstrating your progressive skills. A Dance of Fire and Ice APK will be a game for you to experience a variety of levels and means your score will start to increase on the leaderboard. So it is necessary to exchange your abilities regularly so that you can lie with the advantage of playing. Break yourself and create new discipline right here in this music game. There will be many rewards that come with achievements, so don't be afraid to break your limits!

Based on rhythm

When the music starts to pop, it's time for the adventure to begin. It is important in this game that you are sharp in each sound and tone in the game. So you need to feel good music so you can go further. Hands and eyes are all that you need because they will go on constantly, so you have to be very skillful. Those skills are enough for you to explore more difficult levels without worrying about starting over. Download A Dance of Fire and Ice APK for Android this game is about being able to just enjoy the music but also be entertained right at this game help you can immerse without being able to escape!

Download A Dance of Fire and Ice APK for Android


A Dance of Fire and Ice APK will bring players a different experience and challenge their skills. With unique and exquisite graphic design, high quality music and many realistic effects. The gameplay is simple but always requires players quick and accurate reflex skills. Download the game now to try your hand at various levels of play and practice the necessary musical skills. I wish you the best hours of entertainment.

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