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Friday Night Funkin
Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin APK 261.0 (For Android)

Nov 15, 2023

 Friday Night Funkin APK is a popular rhythm-based indie video game known for its music and dancing challenges

Name FNF Funkin Night - Full HD mod
Updated 2023-08-25
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 261.0
Size 166 MB
MOD For Android
Category Music
Developer RM HYBRID
Price Free
Google Play Link

Friday Night Funkin (FNF) is a rhythm-based game, blending music and quick reflex gameplay. Players match arrow prompts with timed accuracy, engaging in musical battles. The game features various modes, offering a mix of challenges and entertainment in a unique musical gaming experience.

Top 5 Features and Functions

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

FNF's core gameplay revolves around matching on-screen arrows with keyboard inputs. As notes scroll upwards, players must hit the corresponding arrow keys when they align. This mechanic tests reflexes and rhythm, providing an immersive experience.

Diverse Game Modes

FNF offers multiple game modes, each presenting unique challenges:

  • Standard Mode (FNF): The classic format, ideal for beginners.

  • Challenge Mode: Speed and complexity increase, demanding precision.

  • Funkin Friday Party: A festive, party-themed mode.

  • Night Friday Dancing: Focuses on dance music genres.

  • Mood Night Funkin: Emphasizes moodier, atmospheric tracks.

  • The Video Game Mode: Incorporates video game music.

  • Music Mode: A diverse range of musical styles.

  • Metter Mode: Integrates a scoring meter for performance tracking.

  • Race Mode: Adds a competitive racing element.

  • Skin Mood Mode: Customizable avatars and themes.

  • Romantic Romance Mode: Tailored for romantic song selections.

Each mode offers a distinct experience, catering to a range of preferences and skills.

Engaging Storyline

The game's narrative adds depth to the gameplay. Players take on the role of the "Boyfriend," aiming to impress the "Girlfriend" and win over her father, a former rock star. This simple yet engaging story adds motivation, as each musical battle feels like a step closer to winning the Girlfriend's affection.

Extensive Music Library

FNF boasts an extensive library of songs, each with unique rhythms and beats. From upbeat pop to intense rock, the variety ensures that players always find something new and exciting. The game's music is not only a backdrop but a central element, dictating the pace and mood of each level.

Community and Customization

A strong community aspect is evident in FNF. This customization keeps the game fresh, as the community continually generates new content.

Best Tips for Playing Friday Night Funkin

Mastering the Basics

Focus on the fundamental mechanics of hitting arrows in time with the music. Start with slower songs to build rhythm and timing. Use practice mode to rehearse challenging parts.

Advanced Techniques

As you progress, experiment with different finger placements and techniques.

Understanding Game Modes

Each mode offers unique challenges. Learn the specifics of each to adapt your play style accordingly. For instance, in Challenge Mode, precision is crucial due to increased speed.

Utilizing Community Resources

Leverage the game's community for tips, custom levels, and strategies. Engage in forums and social media groups to learn from experienced players.

Continuous Practice

Consistent practice is vital. Dedicate time to play different modes and songs.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging Gameplay: Intuitive and addictive, suitable for all skill levels.

  • Diverse Music Library: Offers a wide range of musical genres.

  • Strong Community: Active community support, with plenty of custom content.

  • Narrative Appeal: The storyline adds an emotional element to the game.

  • Customization: Extensive modding capabilities allow for personalized experiences.


  • Learning Curve: Can be challenging for those new to rhythm games.

  • Limited Official Content: Relies heavily on community-generated content.

  • No Multiplayer: Lacks an official online multiplayer mode.

  • Performance Issues: Can experience lag or glitches on some devices.

  • Repetitiveness: Some may find the gameplay repetitive over time..

Similar Games/Alternatives

For fans of rhythm games, consider trying titles like "Beat Saber," "Dance Dance Revolution," or "Osu!". These games also blend music with interactive gameplay, each offering unique challenges and experiences.


Friday Night Funkin stands out in the rhythm game genre with its unique gameplay, engaging storyline, and strong community support.

Call to Action

Experience the rhythmic excitement of Friday Night Funkin! Download it now at, your trusted source for quality gaming. Don't miss out on the fun and challenge that FNF offers. Visit today and join the rhythm revolution!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are the basic controls of the game and how do I improve my performance?

The basic controls involve using arrow keys to match on-screen prompts with the rhythm. To improve, start with slower songs to grasp timing and rhythm, and gradually move to faster tracks. Practice regularly and try different finger placements for complex sequences.

Q2: Can you describe the different modes available and how they vary?

The game offers several modes, each with unique characteristics. Standard Mode is the classic gameplay ideal for beginners. Challenge Mode increases speed and complexity. Funkin Friday Party and Night Friday Dancing focus on party and dance music, respectively. Mood Night Funkin offers atmospheric tracks, while The Video Game Mode includes video game music. Each mode provides a distinct gameplay experience.

Q3: How does the storyline enhance the game?

The storyline adds an engaging narrative, where you play as the 'Boyfriend' trying to impress 'Girlfriend' and her rock star father.

Q4: Is there community support or customization options in the game?

Yes, the game has a strong community aspect. Players can create and share custom songs and levels, enhancing replayability.

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