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Melatonin Game
Melatonin Game

Melatonin Game APK 1.7.0 (For Android)

Jan 04, 2023

Have you ever indulged in the sweet rhyme and mysteries of your dreams? Melatonin Game APK will help you experience this most enjoyably. Check it out right now!

Name Melatonin- Sleep & Focus Sound
Updated 2024-02-05
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.7.0
Size 49.4 MB
MOD For Android
Category Music
Developer Saurabh Jadhav
Price Free
Google Play Link

Melatonin Game APK: combine dream and reality with great melodies

Music and rhythm games are a game genre that is loved by many people. The reason behind it is that when playing the game, in addition to overcoming challenges, you also enjoy good and attractive music. If you are looking for a unique music and rhythm game, Melatonin Game APK is the ideal game for you.

Melatonin Game APK

What is the Melatonin Game APK?

The developer of Melatonin Game APK has a rather special name, which is Half Sleep. It has created a colorful Indian-style game with catchy rhythms. The game is inspired by a hormone produced by a nerve gland in the middle of the brain. It has the effect of causing drowsiness in humans, so it is often used to regulate sleep, regulate human biology, and aid in curing human insomnia.

This game is the same. The player will become a half-sleeping, half-awake guy, deep in his dreams. Players will overcome challenges and tasks in the game, which involve exciting rhythms. Dream activities and reality will have a close relationship with each other. Those are the familiar dreams of young people.

Currently, Melatonin Game has not appeared on the Google Play Store, but it is only available on website. Although this game has just been released, it has received a lot of positive feedback from players on this website with a rating of 96 percent out of 500 reviews. This game has nailed the genre of rhythm games and great action. Its price is about 13.49 dollars. We think this price is worth the great experience it brings.

Melatonin APK

What are the outstanding features of Melatonin APK?

Many players rate that this is a pastel shades mini rhythm game with great features. Keep learning!

Colorful hand-drawn animation

Half Sleep did a great job on the art of this game. They have hand-painted ALL images and characters with harmonious and youthful colors. Those are purple, extremely trendy, and eye-catching hologram colors. Every dream is described very vividly with chill vibes.

Besides, the interface of this game is simple and easy to use for everyone. It has full audio and English subtitles for you to better understand this game.

Chill lofi melody with vibrant rhythm

The advantage of Melatonin Rhythm Game APK is that it has great musical melodies. Every move, every move of the player in the dream needs to be associated with these tunes. It helps you feel more excited and stimulated to continue to overcome the challenges at each level. Each dream scene will have its unique melodies for you to discover your "music" sensibility.
16 dream levels with fun mini-games

Melatonin Game Android

You will have four types of dreams that you will experience. They are Food, Shopping, Tech, and Followers dreams. Each of these dream types will have 4 dream levels, equivalent to 4 mini-games for you to try. After completing all levels with these 4 dream types, you will wake up in "Morning". It will be a mysterious journey that you have to explore.

The game will have challenges from easy to difficult so you don't get bored. The faster the music and rhythm, the higher the difficulty of the game. What you need to do is catch the beat of each tune and fulfill the requirements of the game. If you miss a beat, you will lose points. The higher the score, the better chance you have to pass that level and continue to learn the mysteries in the next game. That score helps you to reach the star.

Melatonin Android Game provides you with short and easy-to-remember instructions. It is highly entertaining and you can have great experiences with the rhythm. The gameplay of this game is simple, but it requires flexibility and the tight control for your Android device.

Melatonin Rhythm Game APK

Melatonin Game free download

Is this game free to download on Steam? Yes, of course. However, players can only play the trial version with very few levels. You need to pay to use its premium features. This game is fun and worth for you to download!


If you want to have a relaxing feeling and enjoy great music and art, you should choose the Melatonin Game APK. Short games with lots of mini-games will make you able to finish them quickly. It is very suitable for you to kill time and reduce stress.

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